Total Fitness Repairs now offers plastic repairs.

This is a cost effective, practical solution to the high cost of replacement.

We see these issues in all types of facilities and want to offer a cost effective solution to this ongoing problem.

Many pieces of Cardio Fitness Equipment have panels, covers, and pieces that are plastic and these do get damaged or crack for a variety of reasons.

The cost is very high to replace these items (New Panels can range in cost up $600.00 per panel). The fact that Panels,  often go unrepaired due to this cost and this can result in a safety issue in addition to a cosmetic and unsightly machine presentation.

We are able to repair cracks or chunks that are missing on these panels/ covers, displays or covers. We can even fix mounting tabs and shoulders inside panels which can cause panels and pieces to become loose or damaged and then possibly even dangerous.

The process for repairs:

We typically estimate these repairs on site and can provide on the spot estimate for required repairs, if approved on spot then we can remove panels and return with repaired piece and install it!

You can also send us pictures of repairs needed and we can arrange to pick up on our next service call, repair and return to replace repaired piece (s).

We understand you want your fitness equipment up and running quickly so we will do our best to minimize time from when we remove pieces to be repaired and when we return to install repaired pieces. Typically this process takes 3-4 days depending on repairs required.

Plastic repairs make sense for your facility and will save you money and your fitness equipment will continue to look and function as it should!


Call us with any questions @ 604-566-9636

email pictures for estimates :

For estimates via email:

We ask that you send 3 pictures minimum (more are appreciated too!!) this is so we can provide correct estimate for repairs required. If pieces have mounting tabs broken or missing please include pictures of those areas as well.

We will respond with an estimate by the next business day.