Total Fitness Repairs now provides sandblasting and powder coat re-finishing for Strength and Cardio Fitness equipment.

This is available in many different colours.

This restores each piece to a very beautiful and durable finish and through sandblasting process in preparation for powder coating it deals with any rust of finish issues present.

We know you pay top dollar for all your facilities fitness equipment and many pieces are still very functional but look a little tired so this is a solution to expensive replacment while providing your facility with that desired new equipment presentation.

This process involves completing dissassembling equipment to bare frame and then sandblasting that frame and any components in preparation to applying powder coat finish which is baked on at high temperature.

Once new powder coat finish is applied it is reassembled and ready for delivery back to your facilty.

This results are amazing, beautiful and is a very durable finish.

This process takes about 10-14 days from equipment pickup to re-delivery.