Total Fitness Repairs now offers Upholstery replacement and repairs.

Many pieces of Strength and Cardio Fitness Equipment have upholstered  pieces that see alot of wear and do get damaged or cracked for a variety of reasons.

This is a cost effective, practical solution to the high cost of replacement.

We see these issues in many facilities and wanted to be able to offer a solution to this ongoing problem.

The cost is very high to replace these items (New pieces can range in cost up $500 depending on piece).

The fact that these damaged pieces often go unrepaired due to the high cost of replacement and this can result in a possible safety issue or a cosmetic issue or render a piece of equipment unusable.

We are able to replace and in some cases repair upholstery on these pieces.

The process for repairs:

We typically estimate upholstery replacement and repairs when our service technicians are on site and can provide quick estimate for repairs, if approved we can remove pieces for reupholstery or repair and return with repaired piece and install it!

You can also send us pictures of repairs needed and we can arrange to pick up on our next service call.

We understand you want your fitness equipment up and running quickly so we will do our best to minimize time from when we remove pieces to be repaired and when we return to install repaired pieces. Typically this process takes 3-4 days depending on repairs required. .

Upholstery replacement and repairs make sense for your facility and will save you money

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You can email us pictures at

Please note:

It is helpful to provide at least 3 pictures of each piece requiring repair for estimate including at least one picture of bottom/back of item.

Estimates can vary depending on type of material and if pieces have been sewn on or stapled.