Equipment Moves in Smaller facilities.

Where no movers are involved.

This is something we can manage and provide pricing on just give us a call to discuss your move. We will need to understand details of the move to make this experience a simple one.


Larger Facility Equipment Moves – where professional movers are involved.

Just give us a call to discuss your move and we will follow up with complete estimate so you know what costs will be.

Having your exercise equipment professionally disassembled will make it easier and safer for your movers/contractors to move it.

Our familiarity with all types of exercise equipment allows us to breakdown the equipment as efficiently as possible, protect any delicate wiring and effectively organize all hardware and pieces removed so that they are easily identifiable during reassembly.

This will make it much easier for your mover to move your exercise equipment and it arrive with all the pieces.

When it arrives we can schedule our techs to reassemble it.